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April 09, 2005 || 7:13 pm

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Chelsea-Birmingham 1-1

Middlesbrough-Arsenal 0-1

And I check in to the BBC just in time to catch Norwich-Man Utd 2-0. Sweet. They keep saying that they're not declining, but really, to fail to beat the bottom team in the Premiership? And Birmingham drawing away to Chelsea?

It's a sunny day in Alabama. Some strange events today - a bagpiper in full Scottish regalia playing at the crossroads of 14 and 69, apparently something to do with a bikeathon (I hadn't realised that the trend for men wearing lycra on hot summer days had spread even to here), and a rather dramatic car wreck just in front of him at the precise moment we had stepped out of our cars to gawp at his glowing cheeks.

Yesterday was the first night of the first annual Greensboro Rodeo, which was also pretty good fun and quite surreal. I hadn't really realised that rodeos here are like fairgrounds, with a coterie of 18 year old cowboys who follow them from town to town, hoping to make a few bucks and avoid broken ribs from all that bull-riding. The horses are quite remarkable - their intelligence and response to the slightest signals, even when the rider is no longer seated, having slipped off to tie up a steer.



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