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April 18, 2005 || 10:26 pm

Ah joy...I find myself with a spare half-hour to blog. This hasn't happened for a while - due to visitors, book research (now 'handed in' - hooray!) and all the stuff I'm meant to be doing here, ie build a house. Which, by the way, is coming along fine. The drywall guys started today at 6am and are proceeding mighty fast. We're midway through putting up our siding (asphalt shingles. This was a long debate but actually, I'm pleased about how they look - kinda cheap Adjaye Dirty House effect without the fancy windows). And now, I've only got my spare half-hour because I'm bunking off work - having been doing some car mechanics (yes, really, me) with Johnny Parker, I figured there wasn't enough time to make it worthwhile heading back to site so I'm hanging out at Beacon Street with Peter Macleod, who's visiting from Canada, before we head out to meet Andrew and interview him for an article Peter's writing for Azure on the RS.

I guess I need to fill in on a few of the latest small happenings down here! There was Thursday, which should have been a Friday the 13th from the moment I got up and couldn't find my wallet, had to borrow 50 bucks from GB Woods to buy gas to get myself to Atlanta to pick up Peter, pulled out of a Selma gas station and bumped the side of a crazy woman's car, nearly shot a major red light because my view was blocked by a huge lorry, realised I was 1000 miles over my oil-change limit and had to spend some of my precious money getting that fixed, whereupon they informed me that I had something leaking out of my engine, all the way to the moment when my tire blew on the interstate and I found myself on the hard shoulder of the exit ramp with NO MONEY to call a tow truck or anything else.

My luck finally kicked in at that point, as the first car I saw and asked to borrow a cellphone so I coudl call for help was...the Auburn rowing team. Who royally saved my ass by finding me a jack, filling my spare (luckily I had one) with air and changing my tire for me. Dear sweet Southern college boys, I love y'all. I hope you won your rowing races in Tennessee.



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