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April 19, 2005 || 5:11 am

Having Canadians around is so funny.

'Listen to this. This song is about Winnipeg. IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!' [jumps up and down in a pretty tame way in his nice checked shirt]

and...'I like the Weakerthans a lot. Actually a lot of their songs are about cities and urbanism, which is pretty cool.' Erm, yeah, that's exactly why I listen to rock music. Bless those lovely Canucks and their friendly social consciences.



Congrats on your fiddling prize-I have always and uncritically enjoyedyour playing at Aldeburgh and Bulcamp,tho' my recent and persistent attempts [thanks to Safed bluegrass boys]to get into bluegrass [Munroe,Grisman,Fleck]to little avail.Any suggestions?How about a live audioblog?Would have sent this by email,but I know how good it is to get response from blog - mine seems currently to attract angst-ridden Korean school-girls,bizarrely.Happy,if not kosher,Pesach!Love...Daniel

By Blogger Daniel the Potter, at 9:58 pm  

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