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April 10, 2005 || 9:33 pm

The spring here has just burst out and almost overnight, it seems, the 'green fuse' has been lit and everything is covered in shooting leaves. The most wonderful and unexpected part of the spring for me has been the wisteria which grows wild and crazy in the woods, climbing up the pines and dogwoods and covering them in flowers cascading down. Driving with your windows down, every few hundred feet on the county roads you get a dizzying blast of their scent. There are also wild white irises growing by the roadside, huge deep burgundy thistles, ditches full of buttercups and pale blue bugles, vetch, wild sorrel (reminding me of Suffolk) and wild dogroses. The field in front of our site, on which our client grows turnips, greens and onions but which she hasn't ploughed up yet this year, amazes me with the wild flowers that grow on it. The whole field shimmers with their colours - sorrel, buttercups, bugles, some white flowers which I don't know the name of, and deep red clover.



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