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November 23, 2004 || 4:48 am

Today was not rainy, but misty - beautiful, driving across the gentle undulations of West Alabama in the frog-jeep. The whole of the Rural Studio was away, apart from last years thesis students who are still working frantically on trying to finish their projects. It's true that many of the projects past and present out here are hugely ambitious- projects that in a 'real' architecture firm would easily take over a year to complete. It's testimony to the energy present here, as well as the refreshing absence of bureaucracy, that group fo four or five totally inexperienced students can themselves build these major projects with their bare hands, in so little time.

Later on it was over to Marion for my weekly old-time music jam. Wonderful old songs, and slowly my fingers get used to playing blues scales, blue notes and the squashed sliding thirds and fifths of this old music fusing Irish, Scottish, French, African and English melodies. The modal tunes reminiscent of pipers' fifes and reels mixed with ragtime and black scales is a really extraordinary and rich mixture, constantly a reminder of the history of the South. Marching tunes from the Civil War gain a few blues inflections; a song about 'London Town' becomes a banjo setpiece, 'Summertime' gets a bluegrass makeover.



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