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November 20, 2006 || 10:56 pm
Hanified: iPod

The damn thing died. Not immediately after I dropped it on the floor - oh no, it continued to play the track quite happily. But then I tried to skip to another track and a dreadful clicking noise started. It carried on clicking until it ran out of battery. Then if I tried to restart it, the clicking started again.

Hate gadgets. Desperately want a new one. Sod's law will have it die when I actually NEED it to work, when I'm desperately trying to learn a whole bunch of new songs for a last-minute gig I've been asked to play, bringing me onto stage for the first time in a year.

Well - I have resisted temptation only so far: it is on my wishlist, and my unchecked out shopping cart...



hmm - if I follow that link, the first thing in your 'wish list' is a Razorlight CD - surely not....

By Anonymous SAm, at 9:57 am  

Absolutely not!! hrm, hope i've fixed the link now...

By Blogger HL, at 5:12 pm  

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