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November 24, 2006 || 11:17 am
Back fiddlin'

Did my first bluegrass gig on English soil last night, stepping in at the last minute with the thoroughly excellent Coal Porters, headed up by Sid Griffin of Long Ryders fame, who I heard in London on St Patrick's Day last. Had to learn a whole load of their original material from scratch in a couple of days and one rehearsal...and last night we were down in Bristol at the Prom with me casting glances at my crib sheet (Idiot wind...f*** those chord changes...when does my break come...what, now?!? help!!) but nevertheless I did have the best time and I think we all had fun. They have an excellent fiddle player usually in Gemma White so it was truly a privilege to step in.

It felt so good to get back to playing some of that ol' lonesome sound music again...with a bit of ruckus thrown in at the end! Fingers crossed I may get a few more gigs with them in the future, so watch this space. And if any of you have the need for a fiddler, I'm getting back in the scene!



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