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December 27, 2005 || 4:34 pm
Christmas 2005

I came down to my parents' house in the country on the 23rd and its been a very quiet Christmas. Although the day itself involved some raucousness at lunch, the growing age of my cousins means that every year it gets to be more and more like a pleasant dinner party and less like the mayhem of my youth. We have also reached, finally, some agreement within my family about no longer needing to give or to be given presents. We've all got more than enough of everything we need, so apart from a stocking full of socks and edible treats, that was, thankfully, about all. I've been arguing this for years but as the child of the family I've always continued to receive vast armfuls of gifts and I'm grateful that this habit is finally wearing off.

Today the snow finally arrived - we woke to a light fall glittering in the sun and then in the late morning while we were walking on the beach, we saw a dark cloud race in and suddenly the sky was white with huge flakes, the views along the shoreline below the clouds had disappeared and we became walking snowmen, peering through slitted eyes against the wind. It was perfect winter weather, and by the time we got home for a lunch of leftovers and good beer, the flakes - large as feathers - were sticking everywhere, floating silently down.

Tonight I think its time for turkey curry.



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