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December 10, 2005 || 12:08 pm
Back in the East End

It's lovely to be back in the East End. Even while working far too hard over the last few weeks, there are little moments that remind me why I still live here despite the increasing crowds of scarily over-hipster teenagers.

The main thing is being able to walk almost everywhere I want to go - to work, to play, to the river. Walking to work, means going over the Thames in the brilliant morning light, battling against the tide of humanity streaming across London Bridge into the City. Walking home again means meandering through the back streets of the City past the Lloyds building and the Gherkin, both lit up magically on these winter nights, strange and beautiful when the streets are empty. And enjoying all those reverberant street names around Aldgate - Jewry, Goodman's Stile, Crosswall.

Having St John Bread & Wine as my local restaurant and off-licence is another good thing: bad for the wallet, good for making a happy heart. Last week we were in there for a supper after going to see Tintin [worth the trip, btw] and there was a group of around eight friends at the next table who were all dressed up for their Saturday night out in full and wonderful fetish wear - green latex, thigh-high boots, boobs spilling out all over the place. Where else, we thought, would a restaurant of that quality not bat an eyelid? All cred to St John for being somewhere I can go dressed in paintstained overalls, my pyjamas or fetishwear, order the cheapest thing on the menu with a glass of tap water, and I will get treated as fantastically as Jay Jopling at the next table.

It's also great being back shopping for food in the markets on a Sunday and on Bethnal Green Road in the week - the International supermarket with its fantastic selection of fruit and veg, and today bringing home half a pint of winkles to eat with my tea. Having a genuine high street to shop at is so special and rare.

Bagels, of course. And being an easy stumble home from any number of late-night watering holes. And all the other Brick Lane cliches. It's good, finally, to be home.



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