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November 23, 2005 || 5:03 pm
Looking for a job?

We're swamped with work here at General Public Agency. We need new full-time and part-time/freelance people to work with us and we are also looking for interns, who we may be able to support financially a little bit. We don't have much money but we do have a fantastically varied, interesting and ambitious range of work on and offer an environment that's unique for anyone interested in being involved with cutting-edge projects in the built environment, artistic practice, urban development and issues of social and environmental citizenship.

General person spec: Energetic, confident, self-motivated and able to work independently with a minimum of supervision. Able to quickly grasp complex briefs and issues, and produce work very fast. Imagination, lateral thinking and ambition are also required. We need:

Freelance researchers with a background and interest in any of the following: regeneration and urbanism policy, land use, planning, public art, artist projects, new fields of cross-disciplinary practice including social and environmental projects, public engagement and participation.

Urban designers/architects (freelance or possibly full-time) with an interest in current UK and especially London-based design initiatives, projects and agency and policy agendas. We could definitely use young architects with fantastic design and visualisation skills who want to move into urban design/masterplanning work, but who don't know very much about it yet. Working with us, you'd be working on strategic big projects, so although we might be using you for your design and drawing skills, you'd be learning a lot about how the big, bad world of regeneration and urban development really works. We don't need people to be RIBA registered architects - really talented Part 2 or even (if they are fantastic) Part 1 people would be fine.

Longer-term, we're also looking for potential full-time employee(s) - our ideal person spec would be someone with a mix of the above skills - highly self-motivated, very good design sense, confident in dealing with and navigating through the world of government and non-governmental agencies and clients, and who can communicate effectively with everyone from heads of planning through to major arts organisations. We also want bright interns.

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