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November 03, 2005 || 4:45 pm
LMU Projects Office Conference

Another announcement: this fantastic conference being held by the architecture dept at London Metropolitan University in a couple of weeks. It's featuring a whole host of great speakers from international universities that are running live projects through outreach programmes ('projects offices') - whether design-build architecture, community/urban planning, humanitarian design in developing nations, and so on.

Speakers include people from the Rural Studio, the Technical University of Berlin, Hong Kong, Russia, Parsons and the Pratt Institute in New York, and so on. If you are either a student wanting to know more about how they might be able to get involved with live projects through their studies, or an educator wanting to know how to set up a projects office in their institution, or a community group/local government group wanting to know how to collaborate with universities to help with their planning or design issues, the conference should be fantastic!

It's over two days (17-18 Nov) but if you're stretched for time, you can come for just one. It's not very expensive and if you're really stretched for cash, you might be able to get in for free if you ask nicely...Hope to see you there!



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