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November 15, 2005 || 11:13 pm
Floating islands, pre-fab remixed, earthquakes and windmills

Not enough time to blog about the stuff that I've been up to. But here are some things I've been reading that maybe y'all might enjoy in the mean time.

I love this tale of a floating island in, of all places, Massachusetts. Mysterious, provoking rather wonderful dreams of a world of more such eccentric yet possible things. Vito Acconci and Robert Smithson, you have nothing against the strage fantasies of nature. This American island seems to be somewhere between a whale-island with a mind of its own and the mysterious shifting swamps of the Louisiana bayou.

This project - Herve Biele's innovative re-use of old Communist pre-fab concrete panels - is all over the archi-blogs today after being featured in the Guardian. Did no-one clock it in the Biennale last year or this year at the V&A?

This article about the response of ordinary Pakistanis to the earthquake reminds me a lot of the response of Americans to Katrina - everyone driving down south to try and help, a sort of crazy public outpouring of a re-discovered communal sentiment.

Hooray - you can put up a domestic-scalewind turbine that will provide 80% of a large detached house's energy needs and pay itself back in less than ten years. I'm excited. Wind turbines are the new chimneys on roofs, perhaps? or the new church towers?



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