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September 02, 2005 || 10:37 pm
Links on Katrina

Addendum -some blog reading matter on the politics of the New Orleans disaster - all worth reading.

Transcript of interview with NO mayor. A rant but still gives a real sense of his frustration, at least.

Boing Boing blogs an email on letting poor people drown.

The BBC reporters log is very thorough and terrifyingly detailed.

Corante on how come there aren't more resources being called up to help.

A bit too I-told-you-so but interesting post on how the authorities had been warned of what mgiht happen - from Wired.

Experiment in the power of wiki web mapping to get better information to those who need it during a disaster.

Daring to dream about a new New Orleans? WorldChanging looks ahead - I'm still trying to absorb the human and social impact of this rather than what physical form a rebuilt city could take (is a rebuilt city even socially feasible any more?) but nevertheless worth reading.

I don't know if there is a place for humour right now, but try this blackly funny photo.



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