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May 21, 2005 || 3:28 pm

It's FA Cup final and I'm sitting in Gooner hell - that is in my kitchen with no radio, no TV, no nothing remotely live except the BBC and Guardian online commentary. I listened joyfully to the pre-match commentary streamed live from Radio 5, and then it all went silent, as the FA ban on live streaming to overseas browsers came into effect. Damn them! So here's me, having just finished my good English fry-up breakfast, pot of tea on the side and resisting the urge to have a beer seeing as it's 9.30am here...I've got to do some work later, regardless of the result, and I know a beer would be highly retrograde...

On the pitch it all sounds like it's getting intense. I'm totally jealous of friends who I know are a) there at the stadium and b) in a Gooner pub in London (unless he's testing himself, as he often does, by watching the game with his Man USA-supporting best mate...)



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