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May 06, 2005 || 4:49 am

Another election, another Labour win - though the share of the vote speaks eloquently for the urgent need for a reform of our first-past-the-post system. How a 4% majority in the share of the vote can (at the time of writing) translate into a majority of nearly 25% more seats than anyone else is truly undemocratic.

And, on a personal level, I'm hugely depressed that in my home constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow George Galloway has won, through a hugely manipulative and destructive campaign aimed at the most underprivileged and ill-informed sections of the population, and undoing so much good, quiet development of a truly mixed and mutually respectful multi-cultural area. Much as I wished that Labour would not win this election (though no other alternative was really imaginable in any sense) in this one constituency - whose former black, Jewish and female MP encompassed everything the Labour Party could hope to symbolise for one of the most ethnically diverse and forward-looking areas of the country - I wished for a Labour victory to prove that my community could not be swayed by calculating and misleading rhetoric that is the exact mirror image of Mosely's blackshirts rallies through the area in the 1930s. Having not been organised enough to vote by proxy or post, I also regret my non-participation in the process, and my shocking lack of awareness of the campaign which led me to not realise that my home seat was such a battleground until it was too late to do anything about it.

Hey ho, another 12 hour day on site, with tired feet and chapped hands. It's been an exhausting week and I can't wait for a rest after Pig Roast...



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