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May 25, 2005 || 10:23 pm

Another incredible afternoon of football. I left my laptop to go to a meeting with the contractor who will be building the next iteration of our house, to come back and find it 3-3...the tension! the excitement! what a comeback!!

For luck I played the John Peel mix of the commentary to that previous famous Liverpool goal in the 1981 European Cup which intros his last Fabric Live CD...calling on his spirit to enable a repeat...but none was forthcoming...

And then, twice in a week, I have to endure a penalty shootout, and twice in a week, what a result!

This is, obviously, so much bigger than the FA Cup. I'm so happy for Liverpool. They deserved this (and, let's face it, we really didn't...) It's huge and historic, exactly what football is about and I'm feeling it. But now, I've got to shoot off to go give a fiddle lesson...



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