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August 11, 2004 || 9:50 pm
still not quite gone...

Visa hold-ups mean I'm still here...and going to be for some time (well, another 2 weeks) thus missing the start of term at the Rural Studio - very annoying. Last week I was on holiday with the boy on a narrowboat in the Midlands, and it was pretty strange to get a call on my mobile from the Deep South while gliding through beautiful English countryside.

Meanwhile, I'm doing horrifically boring things like archiving all my iphotos from the last 3 years onto CD, sorting out insurance, bills, tax returns, tidying my flat and making endless lists. Tomorrow I have to be at the US embassy for an interview to sort the terrorists from the innocent student visa-seekers at 8.30 am, and they say to allow four hours...and after that its shopping for mothballs to pack with all the clothes that I'm leaving here.



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