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August 18, 2004 || 2:49 pm

As preparation, I have been reading theAlabama Driver's Manual; learning about what do with school buses, box junctions, low speed limits and driving on the other side in general. The chapter on 'The Driver' epitomises something about American culture, when it includes sentences like:

"There is something about getting behind the wheel and in control of the power, speed and bulk of a car that reveals the type ofindividual you are. You can soon see whether you are inclined to be a bully, a thoughtless lawbreaker, and a self-centred lane-stealer. or whether you are reliable, courteous and sportsmanlike...Good driving attitudes and sound actions reflect mental and emotional maturity."

Somehow, that might have come out of a 1950s English textbook but would never be found in the UK of today. Though maybe we need it, given this report.

Yet despite this kindly advice, they still give a licence to every hormonally unbalanced 16 year old.



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