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September 19, 2004 || 2:21 am

We spent all of yesterday clearing up fallen trees and branches around Newbern, which appeared to have suffered much worse than Greensboro due to its more rural setting. Many trees had fallen and although there was little damage to houses, the poorest sections of the community as usual were hit hardest. One family's home - a dilapidated trailer - was crushed by a falling pine tree which also wrote off their car, and another family's home was hit by a falling limb which has destroyed their living-room roof.

The trees that did the most damage were the pecans, of which there are many and which create a lovely shade for many people's yards. Note to self: when siting the $20,000 house, although it would be lovely to use the shade of a tree to keep the house naturally cool, make sure it won't fall on the house, and steer clear of those pecans.



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