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September 27, 2004 || 2:29 am

Apologies for not posting all week. Its been busy. I've moved into Beacon Street (hooray!), we're slowly cleaning up but now have a functioning kitchen (hot water arrives tomorrow) and given my obsession with eating, that makes me feel like it's now home. And not many of you can say that you can drive a truck into your living room.

Today we went via the man who sells animals (chickens, geese, ducks, goats, piglets, puppies, rabbits, donkeys, sheep) at the weekend at the intersection...

to Footwash, a festival held annually near Uniontown (a town famous mostly for having a population of 2000 of whome 200 were recently arrested for dealing cocaine). It was fun. They don't allow any cops onto the site and everything you might expect as a result happens. We saw three other white people there. We danced to a one-man band with funky old black men (here's Cara May in action),

we wandered around, watching men in fatigues and guns and women in not very much get swindled with the 3-card trick, buy drugs and bootleg CDs and DVDs, watch really dodgy strip shows, buy 'lapdances' and eat a lot of food, including Polish sausage which is the Footwash speciality. And we bought t-shirts, of course, including my favorite, the 'official footwash flirt shirt'. It's a unique, bizarre, symbolic and historic event for black Alabama and I thoroughly recommend you follow the link above to find out more about it. There are also a lot of bikers, growling around the undergrowth.

Definitely not good clean fun! but a fantastic and bizarre Sunday afternoon. Following which I went back to studio and did some work...



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