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May 02, 2007 || 9:50 am
The Interweb mapped

xkcd's daily sketches are always amusing but yesterday's was a stroke of nerd genius. Worth clicking on to view its full glory.

Where do you live? I can be found often adrift in the Blogipelago, with pied-a-terre's in the Myspace Bands peninsula, Delicious Island and Flickr...



Great blog - particularly nice to know you are an urban designer. We've been busy redesigning York Hall - specifically, designing to exclude the urban oiks who used to come here.

Check out the following and see if you approve:

NOT York Hall spa London

By Blogger NOT York Hall Spa London, at 5:50 am  

ocean of subculture vs. sea of culture. too true.

By Blogger HippieChyck, at 11:24 pm  

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