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February 03, 2007 || 4:31 pm
VAT rage

For my sins, I have had to register myself for VAT as a self-employed person. All very well, except that it takes a hugely long time for the registration to process. Finally, yesterday I got it through and with it, a CD called 'Getting started in VAT for small businesses'. Great, I thought, that'll be really useful for me as I don't really know much about VAT accounting. So I put it into my laptop, and what do I find?

Our great government buereaucracy seems to have forgotten that some people use Macs. The damn thing just has a Windows-compatible .exe file. I can't really believe it: I live in a functioning democracy which discriminates against Mac users, and the people at HM Customs and Excise are smart enough to figure out all sorts of difficult math problems, yet hire ICT marketing guys who don't know about Macs. I pity all small businesses who work in design, media, music. Back to the unintelligible online guides it is; don't blame me if I get my accounting wrong.



Seen this - http://www.oreillynet.com/mac/blog/2007/01/bbc_plans_ondemand_video_downl.html - about BBC plans, too? We're not that much of a minority, are we?

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