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August 17, 2006 || 7:39 pm
Unsung landmarks

I like things to do with identity: at GPA we work on this theme a lot; even to the point of saying maybe it is the basis of our whole approach.

therefore lovely to see the BBC's online survey of Britain's unsung landmarks, as nominated by readers. All the things that don't make it inot tourist brochures, that by some supposed measure of 'value' are 'ordinary', 'ugly' or 'boring' - yet which make us feel that a place is special. Cooling towers, pylons, and fantastic testimony from individuals:

"I love the Runcorn chemical works. When I was a kid we often used to drive past it at night (on our way back from a holiday in Wales). I asked my father what it was - then decided I wanted to be a chemist so that I could work there. Twenty years later I have a degree in chemistry and am on my way to a PhD - all I need now is the job."



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