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June 09, 2006 || 12:56 pm
Goodbye studenthood

I'm groggy with sleep, a little sticky in the throat from beer last night, and I have the most humungous pile of domestic tasks to do that have been put off for about two months (cleaning....taking the recycling to the dump...paperwork...bills...answering letters...emails...changing the sheets...mending the missing button on that shirt...)

But it is all over - the anti-climax of my final viva presentation yesterday after too little sleep in a near-deserted department followed by ritual beer. Now, thank the heavens above, I am no longer a student - a position which I have always been terribly unsuited too. I can return to an un-schizophrenic life of 'real' work and rediscover things called Weekends, Evenings and Fun. And I never have to be a student again. Hooray!

For those of you who may be vaguely interested, my thesis project was about rural England (never picking a big subject, me) and railway stations and sustainable zero-carbon development and houses for the people. Community Land trusts farming biomass as the new medieval manors with the same relationship between population size and productivity of land, all with great access to public transport. Thereby reviving agriculture, solving the housing crisis and making a happy shiny green countryside...or something...Interesting lots of research however into land use in the countryside, energy production systems, and low-impact infrastructure design. When I've recovered from the stress, I will try to make a short pamphlet summarising it all and post it up. Right now, however, I'm going to make another cup of tea, enjoy the sunshine...and then take the recycling out.



Congratulations on finishing!

I'd definitely like to read about your thesis project, it sounds very interesting.

By Anonymous Adrian McEwen, at 2:09 pm  

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