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May 24, 2006 || 10:12 am
New Year's Resolutions

June 9th is my new Jan 1st. Until then as you may have noticed, I'm head down, struggling to breathe under the tide of stress that accompanies trying to finish a thesis project to get my diploma in architecture when I haven't really done any work all year.

After June 9th, I resolve:

To get direct sunlight on my skin every day
To find out if I still have any friends out there
To clean my flat regularly and not live like a pig
To go to art galleries and cultural events
To blog regularly again (isn't this the 21st century equivalent of saying 'this year I promise to write my diary every day'?)
To cook dinner at least three times a week
To eat breakfast at home rather than paying money for crap
To be nicer to my boyfriend
To read books
Never to go back to architecture school again.



"Never to go back to architecture school again."

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