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August 12, 2005 || 5:16 pm

More fun and games in the big city. My brain's a little blurred today from a rather late night last night but I'll try, for my own sake, to note down some highlights.

Took the Central Line boat trip around the whole of Manhattan Island, complete with commentary by some wannabe classic NY actor which was initially irritating/hilarious but actually by the end, we had to admit that it was pretty interesting. Amazing to see the island from the waters, all classic hazy blue layers of skyscrapers.

Went to see Chinatown at an outdoor screening practically under the Brooklyn Bridge - really fun, somehow very New York and could never happen in London due to lack of similar large left-over tracts of land and huge, dramatic bridges that make the perfect setting for urbanites to hang out of a Thursday night. Clapham Common just ain't the same, and neither is the South Bank.

Ate delicious oysters for $1 each at Marlow & Sons. Have drunk a lot of cold beer. Have hung out a lot with no obvious intent to 'do' anything, which is a glorious luxury. Discovered that official temperature measurements are always taken in the shade, which I am amazed that I never knew before.



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